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About our current attention span: are we turning into goldfish?

Our current media landscape is more diverse than ever: it doesn’t matter where you turn your attention, there is always some sort of screen sending information. Bearing this in mind, it’s no surprise that headlines are comparing the concentration span of millennials to those of a goldfish. But is this true? Prezi found out for us.

Although it’s hard to keep your concentration focused on one specific topic for a longer period of time, we are completely focused if the subject is entertaining enough like let’s say binge-watching GoT. Does that mean our concentration span is not shrinking but evolving? Prezi explains after interviewing 2036 full-time working respondents from the US and we want to share their findings with you!

Choosy focus

The results explain that however the Goldfish theory is pretty popular (and dramatic for that matter), it’s not really true. Some respondents claim that they have actually improved their focus over time. The reality is that the focus is much choosier because of all the content which is present. This means that multitasking is rather the rule than the exception and this poses the following question: how do you create content which grabs the attention of the audience and keeps it?

So what do we do?

It’s important to make sure your story holds a strong narrative to hold the focus of your audience. Challenge them and make sure you use enough animated visuals; this works much better than endless fields of text. Add these tactics while composing your mind-blowing presentation and your audience will keep it’s focus.