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At Mr.Prezident we without a doubt consider Prezi one of the best presenting technologies.

However, we also like to keep close eye on what else plays in the tech industry. What’s old news and what’s the next thing we can expect to see in everyone’s pocket, home or office? One of the best places to catch a glimpse of things to come is CES. The big annual tech show kicked off in Vegas this month and today we will give you the top 5 announcements that grabbed our attention.

1. LG’S Signature W7 OLED TV

WOW! This thing looks sleek, while TV purchases might be on the decline due the incredible availability of smaller media devices, we are sure people would not mind getting their hands on one of these. The “w” stands for wall paper and that’s no joke. The display comes in at a mere 2.57mm, that’s just 1/10 of an inch! With tons of other great features such as a 25% increase of brightness and improved color calibration, we look forward to designing a Prezi wall paper soon ;).

LG's Signature W7 OLED TV 


2. Kingston's, DataTraveler Ultimate GT

Yes, it’s a flash drive… but unlike your everyday flash drive, this one has it’s big boy pants on. Coming in at a whopping 2 terrabite, this flash drive is the world's largest. No more traveling with portable hard drives or loading up your camera SD cards, this guy has got room for everybody, including your sales Prezi.

Kingston's DataTraveler Ultimate GT

3. Dell Canvas

While it’s only available for presale now, let me start by saying: Dell feel free to send one over! Our design team would be more than happy to test it and provide a more thorough review. The new touch screen monitor allows artists/designers to work seamlessly with high end tech. This device has a 100% accurate rendering of Adobe RGB colors. The new “Totem” is a small menu to put on your screen for quick access to all your tools to speed up your workflow even more!

Dell Canvas


Turn your none touch screen device into a …. touch screen device. By projecting an infrared beam of light across the screen, you can upgrade an old lap top instantly. Handy for some of the traveling designers who don’t always have the access to the right equipment.


5. Sevenhugs Smart Remote

We like this product for the manufacturing companies name alone. Beyond that the Smart Remote is able to connect to 25,000 devices! Simply point at and control your home through the Internet of Things. Never has a universal remote truly been able interact with all the cosmos (home appliances) like this. Point it at your lamp, Smart TV, Garage door, or coffee maker. You can now control these all under one roof with one remote, using the proprietary positioning system that syncs with smart devices.


Sevenhugs Smart Remote