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Mr.Prezident is excited to officially announce its latest certified technology partnership with Shaman.

Shaman is essentially a tool that provides easy access to all your sales content. With its unique navigation system, you can easily structure a meeting for a complete conversational approach and always have the relevant information at your fingertips. Shaman services many international clients, with a focus on pharmaceuticals and financial organizations.

We believe this strategic partnership between the powerful software solution which Shaman provides and the presentation know how, design and training services of Mr.Prezident is of true value for a wide selection of organizations. This cooperation is part of Mr.Prezidents ambition to be the presentation partner of the world's leading brands.

The first client project in cooperation is already underway. Together Shaman and Mr.Prezident are building and designing a robust presentation database for a Vancouver based energy company. 

About Mr.Prezident

Mr.Prezident helps people and organizations to achieve more with presentations. Our outstanding team of story experts and graphic designers have impressed audiences all around the world since 2011. We make a difference by creating impactful presentations in various tools such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Google Slides.

With an objective focussed approach and dedicated client teams, Mr.Prezident is not your average presentation agency. By adding training and software solutions to our activities in 2019, Mr.Prezident now is the one-stop-shop-full-service-presentation-partner for ambitious organizations.

Over the past years, we have closely collaborated with known big-boys such as Vattenfall, Nike, Coca-Cola, Dell, PwC and the United Nations. However, we are not just here for the rich and famous. We are here for everyone that wants to tell an inspiring story.

If you are interested to hear how Mr.Prezident and Shaman can help you achieve your sales objectives, do not hesitate to get in touch.

US: Nicholas van der Kwast


Europe: Pieter Bosschaart