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Change forces us to be innovative.

I have moved to other cities in the Netherlands as well as abroad, which have made me insecure and vulnerable at first. However, once used to the differences, I was able to adapt myself and feel confident within these new experiences. I made it work! This is an example of voluntary change, which isn’t the case with COVID-19. Yet it does show the adaptability skills I own. The adaptability skills we all own.

We all experience change all the time. Whether it’s moving to another place, starting or changing jobs or trying a new tea flavour. Big or small, change is the only thing that’s constant. Not all changes are welcome, but they definitely can be. It forces us to be innovative.

Often, we don’t like change. At first it comes as a surprise and we face the fear of the unknown. Especially if it is forced upon us and have no choice. Sadly, we can’t just avoid the coronavirus. We have to make changes: events being cancelled, working from home, less social activities. This is challenging and uncomfortable. 

Nonetheless, in a few weeks time, we’ll be able to adapt and settle into this new rhythm. It makes us creative! Finding a new daily routine, an alternative business process or ways to stop your kids from chatting your ears off. 

At Mr.Prezident we discovered the added value in Online Presenting nowadays for example! And on a personal level I changed my focus even more towards caring for my family and friends, remotely. Playing Wordfeud with my parents, sending flowers to my grandma (https://redjeboeketje.nl!!) and playing online games with my siblings. Loads of ways to have social activities without physically being together. I embrace those opportunities. Humans are inventive creatures! Beautiful initiatives are already all around. 

Everything was once new to us but won’t stay new forever. The challenges we face and the initiatives we take will become routine after a while. A walk that once felt silly becomes part of your new daily schedule. By doing so, your confidence grows, it makes you courageous!

Make it work!

Stay positive and make it work. No matter what situation, good or bad, we can adapt ourselves and find a way. Luckily, that’s what is happening already in such a short term. From Italians filling the streets with music from their balcony to initiatives that revise healthcare to cope with overcrowding and amazing home-schooling processes engaging children at home.

It’s a difficult and challenging time. Let’s help each other out with creativity, with innovation. Many wonderful things already blossom around us. We have no choice in the presence of the virus. We do have a choice to be adaptable and innovative. To experience the differences, to adjust, to grow confidence and to make it work!

Frauke Havinga