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“Last weekend I used my family as guinea pigs"

After a first week of not knowing, we are now starting to really feel what a lockdown means. The combination of working, parenting, exercising and relaxing seems to become harder as life is limiting us to a couple of rooms.

Engaging an online audience.

Professionally we are crashing into new challenges as well. Yes, most of us have some experience with videoconferencing. But as it is becoming the new standard, for now, it is time to become video conferencing professionals. The one thing that you need to master is engaging an audience. So, stop sending information and start exchanging information. One way or another.

Zoom x Kahoot (4 laptops and 6 phones).

Last weekend I used my family as guinea pigs. We are 4 families (lots of young kids) spread over 3 cities. First, I created a Princess Quiz in Kahoot. Then I sent everyone a personal video invitation, addressing all players as prince or princess. I set up a videoconference with Zoom and shared my screen, on which I was hosting the Quiz. Teams joined Kahoot on their phones to answer the questions.

How it worked out.

Videoconferencing discipline was poor, due to the excitement of everyone under 9. Engagement went through the roof though. After Oma beat all her grandkids, I called everyone to hear about their experiences. 2 kids couldn’t sleep of excitement, 1 cried for half an hour (she can’t stand losing) and 1 is still baffled why Oma knows so much about princesses. As a family we were able to really connect, even though it took 4 laptops and 6 phones.

What I learned.

When presenting in real life, we already send too much and we interact and engage too little. Online presenting lures us into sending even more, whilst we have to do the exact opposite. It might take some extra preparation time and you might need to create a new perspective on your presentation. But if you find a way to make it engaging, you can make people go to bed happy or have them cry for half an hour.