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What we think is impressive.

Some talks can be impressive and powerful: they move you, motivate you and leave an impression. You can scale impressive talks in many categories, like topics you might have million questions about or perhaps never thought about. But what they all have in common is that they broaden your view. We asked around in our team what they thought was powerful, which talks lasted in their memories for ages and were remembered instantly? Well, here you go: below you will find a list with a couple of talks definitely worth listening to. We hope you like it!

Tavi Gevinson - A Teen Just Trying To Figure It Out

Tavi is a 15 year old teenager who started an online magazine named Rookie, because she had a hard time finding female teenage role models. That’s why she built Rookie (which stopped publishing new content per the end of 2018), on this website young female teenagers could find each other and read all sorts of articles and interviews on the different topics about feminism.

Elizabeth Gilbert - Your Elusive Creative Genius

In this talk Elizabeth discusses what happened after publishing her bestseller Eat Pray Love. People started to ask if she wasn’t worrying that she could ever publish something which would top her previous success. So why do people only worry about these sort of things when you have a creative job? Listen to hear her talk about creativity and the anxiety that comes with.

Nancy Duarte - The Secret Structure of Great Talks

In this talk, presentation expert Nancy Duarte shares practical lessons on how to make a powerful call-to-action. People have ideas, and they can be fantastic, but how do you get them heard? With a story. With stories you can physically react and recall the story pretty well. As a presentation expert, Nancy wonders how you apply this to the world of presentations.

Julian Treasure - How To Speak So That People Want To Listen

The voice is a powerful tool, but many people experience that nobody is listening to them. That’s why Julian thought of seven habits we need to move away from - the seven deadly sins of speaking. However he also hands you tools on how to be a better speaker. A really good talk to watch when you want to improve your delivery of your speech/presentation.

Esther Perel - The secret to desire in a long-term relationship

In long-term relationships, we often expect our beloved to be both best friend and erotic partner. But as Esther Perel argues, good and committed sex draws on two conflicting needs: our need for security and our need for surprise. So how do you sustain desire? With wit and eloquence, Perel lets us in on the mystery of erotic intelligence.

Hans Rosling - The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen

Although the talk is a bit of an oldie, we chose to share it because of it’s great data visualization. With the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, statistics guru Hans Rosling debunks myths about the so-called "developing world." According to Hans we’re not using data correctly, it’s all there but we’re still talking about Africa as a whole while there are so many different aspects to take into account.

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