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3D: A game changer in the presentation business

In October this year, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update was announced. It all revolved around 3D creativity apps. Everyone with Windows 10 - not only us designers -  can now work with 3D models in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Mr.Prezident’s own PowerPoint-pro Hud weighed in on the announcement: “There is so much to explore, including 3D models in PowerPoint. This will definitely be a game changer in the presentation business!”

3D's added value

Hud is most excited about how this feature can improve product launch presentations: “Usually, when we want to show features and specs during a product launch, we create several images of the same product from different angles, which can look cool but also takes quite some time. The benefit of 3D models is that you can insert the product directly into the presentation. You can then rotate, tilt, zoom, pan.. go whichever way you like! And on top of that, we can combine this new 3D tool with our trusted animation features!”

Testing, 1, 2, 3D

To take the new feature for a test spin, Hud created a short presentation including a 3D-model of a globe and added animation features to create a clear overview of all offices of a fictional international company. This short clip below shows one of the many ways the 3D-feature can contribute to making a story visually easy to understand: the globe is a 3D model, on top of which other visuals are animated.

3D everywhere you go

Microsoft also announced a new version of MS Paint: Paint 3D. This software is meant to help create 3D models for your presentations. However, at the moment this software is still quite limited. Hud explains: “Right now, Paint 3D is very simple and aimed at 3D-beginners. For designing professional presentations, I opted for an open software called Blender. It gives me so much more resources; I can basically create whatever I want. It takes a little effort to export these 3D files from Blender to PowerPoint, but the result is worth it.”

PowerPoint’s 3D feature is still in its infancy, but it could make a big impact on presentation design. Hud: “Although this feature is new, I’ve been playing around with 3D for quite a while now. It’s something I love experimenting with. I’m planning to use it more often in my PowerPoint designs now that it’s available. 3D will change the presentation game!” We’re excited to see where the 3D filled future will take us.