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We're not discussing cro magnons and neanderthals today, sorry about that.

It is just that there's a link missing on your LinkedIn page, and as were at it, the LinkedIn page of your company is missing out too. Do you care? You should.

Get linked

LinkedIn is wonderful, and useful but rather textual as well. And exactly that turned into a creative challenge for us. As visual storytellers, Prezi-experts and presentation professionals, we explore all possibilities out there. Not just for the fun of it, but also because we want to know the strengths of all tools available to us. And as it turns out Prezi and LinkedIn turn out to be a pretty good combination if you're trying to tell a story.

Let's embroider on this. Imagine you're a recruiter and you're responsible for attracting young talent. You have used the company's LinkedIn site to its full potential, or at least so you think. In only 500 words you've told how talent can grow, working for the company. Now imagine a talent looking for a job, landing on your particular page. He or she reads about 70 words, loses interest and surfs on.

Embed a Prezi on Linkedin

Instead of just scribbling, try incorporating a standout Prezi on LinkedIn. Your site will be way more attractive with the visuals breaking the texts. The talent that you're looking for can consume all the worthy information in full creativity, instead of reading every detail in a summary. In this way it's easier to communicate your message and your target group will enjoy it more. Plus plus so far. And we didn't even mention the fact that your target group is out there, already making use of LinkedIn as the way to move their careers forward.

Ok, we have probably convinced you already. So there's no need to mention that it's pretty easy to embed a Prezi on LinkedIn, or that it's commercially way more viable to build or update a standout Prezi instead of a standout short film. But what might be useful to know is, that when you change or update a Prezi that's already been published, the link doesn't change. That saves you emailing the 400 colleagues that have already shared it on their own personal pages. We have built many a Prezi for our talent searching clients. They're happy clients now as they've improved their success rate on LinkedIn.

What now?

Let's turn to you now. What if you're not a recruiter? It actually doesn't matter. We could have told this story in a million ways. Imagine you're a talent, looking for a job, just create a magical Prezi and share it. Imagine you're a creative, just build a mind-blowing Prezi on your portfolio and incorporate it on your LinkedIn. We could go on and on all day.

We wish you all the luck in the world in creating a wonderful Prezi and in improving on your LinkedIn success rate. And if you need some help creating a standout, magical or mind-blowing Prezi, we happen to know just the talented guys that can help you with that.

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Prezident

Ps We get that you would like to see an incorporated Prezi on LinkedIn. Just check ours HERE