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As presentation designers, we like to stay on top  of new tech developments. Hence, we came across FlatFrog and checked them out. FlatFrog is a global technology provider for interactive large displays, founded in Sweden. The company goal is to use innovative technology to revolutionize corporate conference rooms and school classrooms.

Super screens

The technology pioneer offers InGlass™ technology, based on advanced opto-mechanics and signal processing. Still with us? This means that light is injected into a transparent medium (the screen), and extracted at the opposite side. An object touching the surface (your hand or a stylus for example) causes a disturbance, which is detected on the receiver end. That allows the screen to know when to swipe or draw.

Next level presenting

Of coursewe wanted to try it out. FlatFrog gave a demonstration of this impressive product, using one of our presentations for the Hyundai IONIQ. Have a look!

The ease and precision the screens offer can transform corporate presentations. Especially conversational presentations can be raised to a whole ‘nother level.