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Well done Mr.Prezident of Hyundai

Amsterdam is working towards being carbon neutral. Mr.Prezident contributed to this process today. How? You’ll find out in this week’s blog: an interview with our co-founder Pieter Bosschaart and account manager Fleur Munniks de Jongh Luchsinger.

Tip-top presentation

Mr.Prezident created a presentation to be shown at the launch event for the Hyundai car sharing project in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam today. It’s the first car sharing project of this scale. For €0,25 per minute, Hyundai rents out a fully electric 5-door IONIQ. To be used with a cool app to register, open its doors and more. Fleur: “The event was a success and the overall presentation of the event looked great. Hyundai created a neat row of IONIQs in front of the Museum.”

Congratulations Mr.Prezident!

A select group of journalists and one of Amsterdam’s Aldermen were there today. For this special occasion, upper management from Korea was also present. Pieter: “At a certain point the Amsterdam Alderman told Korean President and CEO of Hyundai, Hyung Cheong Kim: ‘congratulations Mr. President’! Needless to say I chuckled as Kim looked in my direction. Today we were Mr.Vice-Prezident.

Presenting with Hyundai

Hyundai is a South Korean company with its European Headquarters in Frankfurt. Over the last year and a half, we have worked with the company on several events. For example, when the IONIQ - the vehicle used for this car sharing project - was launched.

Fleur visits their Frankfurt office around twice a year, to work on projects and maintain the relationship. “For this project, we worked with the Eco Car & Mobility team within the company. This team is directly in contact with upper management in South Korea. It helps to have short lines like that so that the process goes smoothly.”


As an extra reward for the provided services, Mr.Prezident got to drive the IONIQ for 500 minutes. The highlight of Fleurs day was this test drive. “I also find it gratifying to contribute to a project like this one; to help shape the story of Hyundai as sustainability innovator in their field.”

Testing the story

And what did we learn from today? Fleur: “On site we encountered some technical challenges, which we were able to solve in time. My key takeaway is that technical ‘test-drives’ are very important. Pieter agrees and adds: “I also saw it’s really possible to have a successful event by hosting a select number of journalists. Great things can be accomplished by inviting the right people!”

More information on this project (in Dutch) can be found here. For more information on the type of presentations we create, see this part of the website!