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Present convincingly with these techniques.

Sometimes a presentation is meant to convey information, but in many cases, you want to achieve something with your audience; you want to convince them of something. What is convincing presentation exactly and what techniques can you apply to persuade your audience to take action? In this article, we will explain techniques to present convincingly.

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What we mean by presenting convincingly?

Presenting convincingly means that during a presentation, you not only inform but also try to persuade people to buy your product, take a service, or change their behavior. Presenting convincingly does not mean manipulating someone or persisting endlessly, but motivating them with the right techniques.

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The importance of presenting convincingly.

When trying to sell a product or service, a convincing presentation is crucial. Your presentation should motivate the target audience to take action and convince them that they really need your product or service. This can only be achieved with a convincing presentation.

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Presentation techniques you can apply immediately.

You can incorporate Robert Cialdini's seven principles or techniques of influence into your presentation to persuade your audience:

  • Reciprocity.
    Give away something small and valuable for free, so people are more likely to give something back.
  • Commitment and Consistency.
    Have your audience say yes to something small first, because they are more likely to say yes to your actual product or service later on.
  • Social Proof.
    Use positive reviews because people trust the experiences of others.
  • Authority.
    Use statements from experts and experienced individuals because people trust someone with authority.
  • Scarcity.
    Emphasize that there are only a few products/places available to prevent procrastination.
  • Unity.
    Make people feel part of a group, so they act in the same way as the group.

Starting a presentation convincingly.

Starting a presentation convincingly requires creating recognition with your audience. You can do this by starting with an open question such as "have you ever experienced..." which creates a feeling of recognition. Alternatively, you can start with a humorous anecdote or a captivating personal story that your audience can relate to. This approach will make them feel engaged and interested in the rest of your presentation.

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How to present convincingly.

There are various ways to improve your presentation skills and speak more convincingly. Firstly, make sure your arguments are clear and well-developed. Ensure that your presentation is engaging and keeps your audience on the edge of their seats. Reiterate your message in different ways so that it sticks, and include anecdotes and humor in your story. If you find presenting challenging and need help, consider taking our training courses. We can help you become confident in front of any group in just a few hours.

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Achieving more together.

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