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What style of presentation suits you?

You have a presentation coming up at work, maybe to your colleagues about a project you're working on or to a client about achieved results. So, how do you make sure your presentation is effective, and which ways of presenting suit you? Let's explore some ways of presenting.

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What are the different ways of presenting?

There are numerous ways to give a presentation. A primary choice is whether to tell your story with or without visual aids. However, almost always, the former option is preferred. Visual aids in your presentation can help your listeners understand the story better. You can use tools such as PowerPoint or Prezi to do this. Additionally, you can incorporate videos, infographics, or mind maps in your presentation.

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Creative ways of presenting.

A creative presentation often has excellent visual aids. For example, you can have an animation made that explains a specific process, use graphic support to tell your story, or incorporate short videos into your presentation. Combining different media makes your story diverse and ensures that people listen more attentively.

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Presenting with humor.

Humor ensures that your audience is hanging on your every word and paying more attention to your presentation. A great way to ensure people listen attentively is to make an exciting story out of your presentation. Build up the tension, provide an obstacle or setback, and slowly come to a climax. In your story, include funny moments or incorporate some witty remarks. You can also bring humor to a presentation with well-chosen images.

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Interactive ways of presenting.

Looking for an interactive way to present? Consider a workshop where your audience actively participates and retains information better. This presentation format is particularly suitable when the goal of the presentation is to teach people something. Another interactive presentation format is a quiz. At the beginning of the presentation, you can test your audience's current knowledge level, during the presentation you can gather opinions, and at the end, you can test if people understood.

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Discovering which way of presenting suits you.

The ideal way to present depends on your unique personality and the subject you're addressing. If you enjoy storytelling and have a good sense of humor, storytelling might be a great fit for you. If you want your audience to actively engage and learn, consider an interactive presentation style. The key is that you should feel comfortable with the presentation style, and it should align with your topic.

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