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Revolutionary retail

Visual and conversational presenting is not anymore only found in the boardroom or on the conference stage.

The retail presentation arena is currently going into a major transformative period fueled by tech advancements. The most powerful tech players have already dipped their toes into this exciting space. New mechanisms to trigger and interact with the audience are being developed every day.

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE)

On a recent trip, our co-founders Paul and Pieter attended the ISE conference in Amsterdam to research emerging tech trends on presenting. ISE is the largest AV systems integration show in the world. A perfect place for them to check out and engage with some of this new stuff first hand.

Science-fiction product showcasing

One of the technologies Paul and Pieter are most exited by is created by German company  HYPEBOX. The tech is essentially a display case… Well, it’s way more than that. Have you seen the movie Minority Report? You know, the one set in the future; murder; love; Tom Cruise? Yeah, that’s the one. Well, there is this scene where our friend Tom manipulates images and information on large clear display screens with his hands.

HypeBox would have you believe we are now in the Minority Report era. While you can station your product inside the showcase, you can also present digital content on the transparent LCD panel. So, while a new shoe display may first look like a shoe in glass box, the interactive touch screen panel allows for customers to get more information about the product. Additionally, the bright and vibrant colors in combination with an impressive deep black pixel covering really draws the consumer’s eye. We can only imagine the possibilities for retail presentation with this tech! Perhaps we will soon see entire shop windows on Fifth Avenue capable of digital presentation. 


Another equally interesting display technology is being developed by FlatFrog. Some call it the whiteboard of the future. It contains in-glass technology that gives a screen the same touch features as the common whiteboard. The touch display allows for multiple people to collaborate simultaneously. It also has the ability to detect different types of pen sizes and colors. And you can erase everything on the board using nothing but your wrist.

Paul and Pieter were introduced to the FlatFrog team by our clients at Dell, who have already begun to use the displays in their office conference rooms. While this tech is great for collaborative work, it could also be extremely useful for a live interactive presentation. We can also envision how the single large transparent panel could easily be used for retail product display purposes.


The examples we have mentioned are only a few of the many ways Technology has and will continue to affect the way we present information, products and concepts. We were fortunate the Dell team was willing to give us a crash course in touch technology at the FlatFrog stand. And we look forward to keeping up with the latest tech trends and incorporating them into our presentation services. Do stay tuned; we will keep exploring these technologies in more depth in future blogs.


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